Microbiological filtration for aquariums is effective that few people know about

To understand clearly the effect and effectiveness of microfiltration for aquariums, we need to understand the knowledge as well as the operation and living process of the aquarium fish that we are raising. So this article will help you with some techniques as well as let you know the effectiveness that the microbial filter brings to the aquarium.

What is microfiltration?

Microbiological filtration is a type of filter that acts as a residence for microorganisms to help decompose organic substances dissolved in water, making the water always clean and no fishy smell to help fish grow and develop well and helping farmed fish grow and develop well.

In order to increase the number of microorganisms in a short time and you do not want to use microbial filtration, you need to supplement the initial microorganisms with photosynthetic products.

What does the microbiological filter help with the aquarium?

  • The purpose of microbiological filtration for aquariums is to create a habitat for microorganisms so that they can produce a working amount to decompose fish feces and leftover food in the water environment, helping to create a living environment for fish. be better.

We cannot see microorganisms with the naked eye because they are very small, so the habitat of microorganisms is usually items with tiny holes such as: burned honeycomb charcoal, matrix stone, filter porcelain , apricot porcelain, filter cotton. Therefore, the microbial filter will use these materials to create a habitat for microorganisms. In addition, there is oxygen to create a stream of water that pulls the food at the bottom closer to the microorganisms to help them work more efficiently.

Advantages and disadvantages of microfiltration


  • Balance the microflora in the aquarium.
  •  Suitable for small aquariums such as guppies, because this fish cannot withstand the force of strong water currents, so it cannot be used with a regular filter.
  • To help save electricity, you can use a small oxygen blower and still use it for 4-5 micro-filters.


  • Microbiological filter has a small capacity so it is not effective for large aquariums.
  • The suction is weak, so you can only suck up small fish feces like dust particles, but can’t absorb heavier dirt. Note: The problem of weak suction can be overcome by increasing the oxygen blower to generate more blowing force to create a stronger suction power as you want.

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