Growing sprouts income 100 million / month

Following in the footsteps of Mr. Le Van Big – Vice Chairman of The Farmers’ Union of Tan Quy Tay Commune, Binh Chanh district, Ho Chi Minh City, we toured the sprout growing facility on the hard land of 1,200m2 of Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Hieu.

Just past a small bridge squeezed through the ditch, hitting our eyes are two rows of long coconut leaf roofing houses, few people think that inside there is a factory specializing in producing sprouts to supply the market of Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring provinces, bringing very high economic efficiency. Talking to us, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Hieu said that in 2007 to visit the model of growing sprouts in Binh Tan district, he immediately learned the experience of trying. “At first I also went to buy foam boxes, iron trees to make shelves, buy seeds to plant.

Through the experimental planting process, I found many unreasonable points, moreover my land is wide, why do not plant directly on the ground but have to buy tools for costly” From such a thought, he decided to switch to growing sprouts on hard ground. Thanks to diligent hard work, proper technical care, vegetables developed well until now.

Mr. Hieu said that growing sprouts by this method is much simpler, vegetable growers do not have to worry about buying plastic trays, foam boxes, iron trees as shelves. Especially meet the large number of sprouts to supply to the market. Currently his family cut from 150 to 300 kg of sprouts to supply binh Dien wholesale market, from this market to transfer to supermarkets CoopMart, Metro, Maximart …..

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