The effect of probiotics on fish is better than you think

Aquarium microorganisms have the effect of helping to balance the ecosystem for water, helping to decompose waste and organic residues in the lake, ensuring your aquarium is clear, eliminating fishy odors, removing toxic substances harmful to the environment. fish. Good microorganisms are also known as beneficial bacteria, beneficial bacteria, beneficial microorganisms 

What is probiotics for fish?

Probiotics are the common name for probiotics containing live beneficial microorganisms. Depending on the intended use, these microorganisms can be bacteria or fungi. When placed in the right habitat, these microorganisms become active. Some common types of probiotics such as: yogurt yeast, wine yeast, bread yeast, water treatment yeast, waste, digestive enzymes,..

Supplementing with digestive enzymes helps fish consume food well, reduce feed costs, and help fish grow well. Provide more nutrients to help fish stay healthy.

For some conventional aquariums, the natural microflora is never enough to make the water clean and lose the fishy smell due to not completely converting organic substances in a short time. The intermediate products when decomposing organic substances are NO2, H2S, NH3, … These accumulated substances will be toxic to fish and make the water cloudy. Regular water changes take a lot of time, money and effort. – Food: Fresh food (fish, worms, shrimp…) currently only a few reputable frozen goods ensure safety for ornamental fish, the rest cannot control pathogens. Parasites, bacteria, and viruses are common pathogens. In addition, captivity (usually in a tank) will reduce the fish’s resistance. From the above factors and to actively create a “natural” water source, optimal microorganisms have been selected to synthesize effective probiotics for water treatment. These beneficial microorganisms are very safe, easy to live in water low in nutrients and overwhelm harmful microorganisms.

Why is it necessary to create microorganisms for the aquarium?

All filters need microorganisms to treat water, not just installing the filter, using filter materials for the aquarium is done. This is the mistake of many people. The most important element of cleaning and in the water is the microflora, the effect of microorganisms in the aquarium is the direct water treatment, and the filter materials are just the substrate, the place to let the bacteria live. live, cling, proliferate and develop. If probiotics are not used to support the growth of microorganisms, gradually there will be microorganisms in the aquarium, but the time for them to multiply themselves is very slow.

The effect of microorganisms in the aquarium

  • Helps to make the aquarium clearer, not cloudy

  • Maintain the ecosystem for the aquarium

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